Hey y’all, I’m Reagan! I’m a stylist at H & Co. I started my career behind a salon chair in July of 2019 and have been loving it ever since. My services include color, cut, formal hair, and makeup and I also sell top-of-the-line products.  

My Inspiration

Some of my earliest memories as a child were going to a small beauty shop with my great-grandmother and her best friend, Mrs. Marie. I would watch them get their hair rollers set and sit under the little heat lamp while they chatted about all things. Promptly after returning to her house she would have me roll her hair all over again sitting in her living room. I think the hair salon was more of a social affair for her than anything else. Nevertheless, I credit her for my love of all things hair-related. She got my curiosity started.

So when my high school gave me the opportunity to take cosmetology classes, I was thrilled. By the end of my senior year, I was able to take my state boards and earn my cosmetology license before I graduated high school. 

My Motivation

One thing I love about this industry is that it will never stop evolving. Hairstyles and trends are always changing and as a stylist, I will never stop learning. Nothing is more rewarding than getting to make people feel good about themselves and putting a smile on my client’s face. The constant opportunity to learn new skills and the ability to help others find beauty brings me great joy

This is just a little bit about me. I hope to learn a little bit about you from my salon chair. 

Or shoot me a text 864-344-7506